APRIL 2017

Stuart Main Street Activities and Impacts

SMS City Hall Relocation Study


First, thank you all for your support and participation in the City Hall Public Input meetings. Whether you helped develop the input process, participated as a stakeholder, attended or spoke at a meeting, or covered the process in the media, your input is greatly appreciated.


After meeting in January and February, the Stakeholder Representatives – with public input – unanimously agreed to the following criteria for any reuse of the city hall site (In no particular order):


  1. Public access to waterfront
  2. Positive public impact
  3. Economically feasible, sustainable, fiscally responsible
  4. Parking, pedestrian & traffic flow management
  5. City Hall/municipal building in core of downtown
  6. Preserve architectural character and uniqueness of small town
  7. Positive impact on environment
  8. Holistic, comprehensive long-term plan for property in the extended downtown that can be implemented in phases
  9. City retains ownership of existing city-hall property


In addition, in a series of “yes” or “no” votes, the Stakeholder Representatives answered the following three questions:


Should City Hall stay in the current location: yes 4, no 9

If city hall moves, should Osceola Street be extended in some form to help expand the downtown: yes 10, no 3

When and if city hall moves, it should be located in the downtown on either side of the railroad tracks with a minimum of 100’ of public space retained along the river: yes 10, no 3