City of Stuart and Lyric Theatre partner for new downtown venue

From the latest issue of “Stuart Sidelines,” The City of Stuart Community Redevelopment Agency newsletter:

The City of Stuart and the Lyric Theatre have joined forces in a partnership to create a studio theatre space and banquet style rental facility at Flagler Recreation Center.  This partnership will further enhance the downtown cultural center and bring about  quality programming to the City of Stuart residents.

“It’s going to have a major positive impact on the community,” said John Loesser, executive director of the Lyric Theatre. “The Lyric is a very good example of what you can do with a successful theatrical operation. We draw an enormous amount of people downtown. So we believe this will just be an extension of what we do.”

As part of the five-year contract, the city agreed to grant $200,000 from CRA funds  to bring the facility up  to theatrical standards. The improvements will include lighting, a sound system, theater seating and tables.  The center will continue to be available for rentals and special events for the public and Flagler Park would continue to operate normally for day use and pavilion rentals.

Source: Teresa Lamar-Sarno, City of Stuart Community Redevelopment Agency