Colorado Avenue Update

We have reached another major milestone for the Colorado Avenue Business Improvements, the construction of a roundabout at Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.  As you have seen, many aspects of the projects are underway. Landscaped bulb-outs, brick pavers, the pedestrian plaza area at Frazier Creek and now the roundabout.

During the week of November 11th the build out of the roundabout will take place and on November 12th the signal at MLK Jr. Blvd, will be covered with a bag and essentially deactivated.

Overall, we have been able to gain approximately 5 parking spaces along Colorado by removing some of the smaller landscaped bulb-outs.  After further review and analysis it was proposed to remove some of these to gain additional parking.

We appreciate your patience…thank you!

This project is a Community  Redevelopment Project, using  Community Development Block Grant funds. The improvements  include landscaping, streetscaping,  decorative lighting, a round-a-bout at Martin Luther Kind Jr. Blvd., milling and resurfacing of the road, and brick pavers throughout the project.