Embracing the Future While Preserving the Past

Stuart Main Street shares a motto with many other Main Street communities around the country: Embracing the Future While Preserving the Past.

It means that in a healthy, vibrant downtown there is an inextricable connection between the past and the future. Our history is at the heart of our unique identity as a community. A bold face forward to the future is essential to our continued vitality. You cannot have one without the other and expect your community to thrive.

Here is a perfect example:

This historic home is being moved down the street to become a part of the downtown boutique hotel, The Old Colorado Inn. It will be replaced on this lovely spot on the river by Seminole Bluff, a new waterfront community in the heart of our historic downtown.

Stuart Main Street has long been an advocate for activating Seminole Street as part of a Waterfront Outdoor Active strategy. This project will bring a waterfront lifestyle (including docks and a paddleboard launch) to many new people in our downtown community. It will build on the outdoor experiences residents and visitors already love, like the Stuart Green Market and Rock’n Riverwalk concert series. It will also preserve the Davante house, a unique piece of architecture that is part of our town’s history. And it will further expand a thriving business, the Old Colorado Inn.

We call that a win, win, and win!

Many thanks to Tara Biek for documenting the building being moved and sharing her photos.