These are the vendor application buttons. They can be placed anywhere.
These buttons work by passing information to the form based on information stored in the button, so the form shows fields related to that event.

The vendor form, at the top, has a dropdown selection for Market on Main, Christmas on Main, and Hobgoblins. Form fields are hidden or displayed based on the selection. If you link directly to the page, the visitor would have to select the event. The event field, under the advanced section, has the perimeter “sms_event” added to it.

If we use the vendor button, the event is automatically selected to show the correct fields required for the vendor by sending information to the “sms_event” perimeter.

For example the button label reads Vendor Application (this can be changed as needed).
The magic is in the link portion of the button. The link portion of the button reads

I will break down the link and what it’s telling the browser.
/vendor-application/ = tells the browser what page to take the visitor to.
?sms_event=Market = tells the browser if it finds this perimeter on the page, make the value “Market”

We can change this to be Market on Main later. I did this to make the explanation easier to follow.
You can click on the buttons below to see how it works.

Market On Main Vendor Application

Christmas On Main Vendor Application

Hobgoblins Vendor Application