Vibrant winter season ahead, says City Manager

From City Manager Paul Nicoletti:

I just reviewed this six-minute YouTube video and find that NYC is doing
exactly what we (in a much smaller way) are trying to accomplish on
Colorado Avenue & East Ocean Boulevard as those streets once again
(after many years of only being car movers)  become defined entries into
our downtown.  This short video validates Dan Burden’s work, and (a few
years earlier) Kev Freeman’s recommendations, which have been adopted by
the City as our position on making the downtown a more walkable

We are purposely going to slow the traffic, which will enable safer
walking and biking areas, create more retail opportunities, make offices
easier to access, and generally make the downtown a better place to be.

In the video, watch for the outdoor dining locations now found in the
heart of Times Square and other streets.  We are actively studying this
for Osceola Avenue.  I am about to approve a $10k study which looks at
outdoor dining and downtown surface parking in and around city hall.
Once the study is complete and approved by the City Commission, we hope
to implement it as funds become available.  Couple this with the shade
structure over the Riverwalk Stage, and the improvements to Memorial
Park (being rededicated on November 11th), both of which will come
on-line shortly, and hopefully it will be a vibrant winter season in


There are many helpful things in the video, not the least of which are
the use of dedicated bike lanes and walking paths, expanded sidewalks,
multi-modal connectivity, and outdoor dining and resting spots.